Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ricky bobby interview

date: 30 May 2009.

questions: simon.

answers: olly.

1) Okay... so introduce yourself and who's in the rest of the band?
Well I'm Olly and i do vocals in Ricky Bobby. Luke Rockell plays guitar, Mike Hardgrave plays guitar, Fabian on bass and Josh Bain plays drums

2) Give us a quick history of Ricky Bobby and what motivated you guys to start a band?
Well about 10months ago i got a text from Luke asking if i was interested in being part of a band he was putting together, he said he wanted the Palmy scene to liven up again after Cord Willis had broken up, and to put across a message. basically to let loose and rage out. so then we needed three more members, we went on to recruit josh and mike as guitarists, Luke on bass and me on the mic and former member Dion Sikone on drums. We later had a line up change and Dion went to bass, Luke went to gat and Josh to drums, we had to wait three months before we had our first practice as Mike was away in America. but wasn't long after we got started that we started getting shows. mostly flat shows and early fish house shows with just locals. Earlier this year Dion left the band and we got our good friend Fabian to play bass for us, since then we have been writing constantly and playing shows most weekends. So here we are 7months after our first practice with a 2track demo, 7track ep and many a show under our belts.

3) What are your guy's influences?
Well what we have been written lately has been influenced heavily by Terror and American Nightmare musically. Lyrically i cant really put down to a band, but more on my views of social issues and personal feelings towards life.

4) Choice. What kind of social issues come up in your lyrics?
The recent two track we have released has been on how materialistic i see our society as hypocrisy, clinging to material items and luxuries while being blinded to what effect we have on the world and how little others have and how much they suffer. Im trying to use my anger to educate peoples lifestyles in positive ways or at least break down the ignorance we all have to get people thinking.

5) How did shows at the fish house start?
Well we always had shows at the stomach or the old DTR buildings run by Craig Black and Cord Willis crew when we (Luke and I) where younger and there was a lot of negativity surrounding them from beef we had with Nazi skins and street kids, so slowly shows stopped happening. Luke decided one day he wanted Cord Willis to play in his garage for his 16th(think it was 16th) birthday with a few mates (10 or so?). was a real good vibe and great times, all kinda evolved form there as we started getting more friends in the music scene and out of town bands/international bands caught onto our relaxed/have fun at all costs attitude and all kinda grew to what it is today, and its still getting bigger every show.

6) For those who don't know, how would you describe the hardcore scene in Palmerston north?
Well compared to certain other scenes where everyones too cool to vibe or turn up (unless its a big hype band - and even then seldomly it happens) we're all about having fun, no one gives a shit what you look like or how you live your life as long as your there to have fun its all good. One of the few places find that everyone is accepted by everyone and everyone knows each others names, as opposed to other scenes. We think its cool if you dance, or sing along regardless if your new
or seasoned or know the band. Its not cool to think your too cool to have fun or show appreciation, i think thats what sets us apart.

7) How was playing Hamtown Smakdown?
Amazing, we were expecting to be playing to an empty room but where blown away by the amount of people who stayed inside to see us, must have been raining outside haha.

8) Whats coming up for you Ricky Bobby over the next few months or year?
Well we have a few new tracks down so hoping on making a full length cd by the end of the year, we will see how that goes. But show wise we have a few lined up and are heading to Christchurch on the 10th of July, next stop Aussie... Fingers crossed.

9) Any last words?
Give blood ; save a life. hahaha

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