Wednesday, December 23, 2009

moment of truth interview

date: 2 april 2009

questions: simon

answers: rex

1) How did Moment of Truth form and how long have you guys been around for?
We've known each other for years. We started banging pots & pans together in 2004, but we had no hook ups, couldn't organize shit, and had no money so we split in a bitter kind of way then bumped into each other in early 08 & decided to give it another go, this time adding a bass player so i could just be on the mic this time around.

2) So, you guys just released an EP. Can you tell us a bit about the recording of that? Did you have any goals before going into the studio?
We just wanted to have a decent recording behind us to get us going a bit. We tried recording ourselves on the cheap & we could never really be proud of it - we wanted something to be proud of simple as that.

3) What do you think Moment of Truth brings to the table of hardcore in Aotearoa?
Hmmm, i think we're doing something that does sound different to what any band has done in nz hardcore wise yet. Old school thrash metal style riffs blended with heavy hc groove, lyric wise probably a bit of different stuff going on.

4) Your lyrics in 'For Endless Centuries' seems pretty anti religious. What do you think about religion/religious bands in the hardcore scene?
Each to their own haha! I might point a bit of fun at them for shits and giggles but thats what i like about hardcore - different people with different views coming together for a good time. Religion just is something that has no place in my life.

5) Whats it like being a hardcore band in the Coramandel?
It sucks but its good. Most people on the Coromandel dont know we exist or what hardcore is. I have a hard as fuck time relating to people around here but if they dont like me they can get fucked. But really its such a chill sweet place to live as long as you keep your head up above the bullshit.

6) What are some of your favourite shows that Moment of Truth have played and who are your guy's favourite bands to play with?
I dont know. Theres been a few good ones. I enjoyed playing along side Bricks & Antagonist at the sandbar in Whitianga in summer. Playing smakdown was awesome to do. Im just proud to get a band going from a small town where it seems impossible. Our best shows are yet to be had hopefully. Want to do more with the burial as theyre the only other heavy band in the nzhc scene at the moment. But my favourite band to play with would be the Bludgers, its always so much fun partying with those cunts.

7) You guys have played some sweet covers.. Merauder, 100 Demons, Slayer, Cro Mags, Madball – basically all the good shit haha. Whats your favourite one to play?
Well 100 Demons would probably be the crowd winner so ill go for that. We enjoy busting a cover out in our set, paying a bit of a tribute if you like. Got a few fresh ones in mind. I want to do a balance cover and pay respect to the first nzhc band i ever heard/saw live.

8) What kind of message would you want people to take away from your lyrics?
I just want to keep it as real as it can be, not one fucking word that i cant back up, no fucking fantasy shit. I don't want to save the world, none of these bullshit morals that cant be backed up. In the ep there is a bit of a theme were i kind of have fucked up in life but theres no regrets - it is what it is, its made me who i am,what hasn't killed me has made me stronger.... Im no fucking role model and don't claim to be.

9) Any last words or shout outs?
Thanks to everyone that has helped us big or small. Pick up our ep if you haven't got one yet please and hook us up with saturday night shows please! Friday nights are hard for us but we'll try, cheers Simon.

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