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Dwid Hellion (Integrity, Psywarfare, Irons, etc) interview with Stas!

This interview was made possible by Stas at Incarnate Records in Russia!

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Thank you very much Stas =)

(S – Stas, D – Dwid Hellion)
S: Hello Dwid, first of all can you tell to our readers about yourself few words, for those who maybe don’t know about you and band integrity.

D: I have a deep fascination with the occult and an obsession with the mechanics of existance. My band Integrity reflects these interests and many other subjects of the arcane. Integrity began in 1988 and has been a consistent force of terrorism within the underground music scene. Our musical styles vary within the genres of hardcore, metal, black metal, japcore, punk, experimental, neo folk, noise, among others.
Many of our Integrity albums may be downloaded for free at
Integrity and myself encourage you to download our music for free with our compliments, rather than to support the corrupt record labels that have raped our music for years.

S: I know that music is not your only hobby, I see some of your painting works, please tell do you have some art education or you have some practice by you own. And maybe you can tell about your favorite painter or style of this art?

D: I have many interests. Art is a passion of mine. I have designed most of the tshirts for integrity and my other bands and friends bands. I have also designed many album covers for different bands. As for a favorite, that would be difficult. I especially admire the work of Sakevi Yokoyama (S.:.K.:.V), Francis Bacon, Felicien Rops, Al Columbia, Marcel Duchamp, Boyd Rice, Stephen Kasner, and Charles Manson.

S: When we have some conversations you said that Russian area is interesting for you, what in fact do you like, maybe some historical aspects or culture fictions?

D: Many aspects of Russian culture fascinate me. I particularly like your fairy tales / folk stories. Particularly, Baba Yaga, Vasilisa, Koschei the Deathless. I am also an enthusiast for film and I find the older Russian cinematic style to be quite beautiful for me. Lately I have watched and enjoyed the films, 'VEY' and also 'IVAN THE TERRIBLE: BACK TO THE FUTURE'

S: When I get last integrity’s 7” I was interesting in cover on this vinyl. Maybe I am wrong but I thought that there some influence of USSR mode in it. Can you describe this topic?

D: The artwork I created for the VValpurgisnacht 7" was based on a propaganda poster I have depicting Leon Trotsky as a demon. I recreated this artwork to feature American Folk Hero, Charles Manson. I am quite pleased with the end result of the artwork.

S: Few time ago I was interesting in some religion aspects, read books and columns. And in fact and basically don’t think that this way is good for life, maybe this books and ideas is a weapon in hands of politicians or brainwashing I don’t know exactly (maybe some religion exercises are good psychological and historical facts). Please tell your opinion and thoughts about religion theme, what is for you meaning of these word and religious beliefs.

D: Yes, Religion has always been used as a weapon against people and a means to rewrite history to benefit the corrupt. The inquisition and the Crusades showed the world what Christianity is really about and how bloodthirsty for power they truly are. It is my opinion that people should think as individuals that are all connected to a stream of consciousness that we can all tap into.

S: Do you belief in God, and what it means for you?

D: The term God as one sole creator is not something I find much truth in. But I believe in a universal existence, where we are all able to utilize a greater potential with our minds than the Church and world Governments have wanted us to discover about ourselves. We have had our history stolen from us by the corrupt Christians and they will one day be punished for their crimes against humankind.

S: Maybe you interesting in occult and supernatural? Many people think that it is fictions and insane sides of life. If you interesting in these themes can say where you get some information and knowledge of this.

D: To be a student of the occult is not an easy path. The term "occult" means "secret knowledge". There are many unexplainable aspects to humankind and the history of this world and the universe itself. I am interested in obtaining some clarity on the mechanics of existence.

S: About knowledge. I want to ask you about literature and cinema. Do you like this art, what kind of books and films d you like? And if you want please, give advise to our readers what is good for reading and watching in your opinion

D: I really love old, grainy, black and white film. The worse the condition of the actual film stock, the better it looks to me. I think people who are interested in film and in art should use their hearts and minds to discover which styles most appeal to them as an individual. If someone is interested in seeing the short films that I have created, I do have a youtube account:

S: Tell something about humankind, bad and good sides, what is the great achievements and mistakes in your opinion.

D: Humankind is a diseased animal.

S: I understand that you live in Europe now? If it true please describe your decision to live in other country.

D: Yes, I moved to Belgium 6 years ago. I find the United States to be a disagreeable place to live. And the United States government and the corporation that control them are guilty of unimaginable crimes against the citizens of the world.

S: Please tell whether such person, or event that influenced your world outlook. Can you describe them.

D: I am most influenced by myself and my own interests. However, I have many creative people that I admire and they have had a great impact on me throughout my life in many different ways.

S: And Finally what do you want to say to this person how read now our conversation?

D: Thank you Stas for your interview. If your readers are interested in hearing my music they can visit or they can go to and download many of our albums for free. Love is the only weapon.

Wor(l)d Tripping with Nicholas Hollier

What is yours is mine.

Today the sky is the ocean, wild
Drifting here to there and back again
Don’t know where ill go today
Riding the wind with charms
Beads bright, of the earth
Holy shrine, Holy man, Holy Mountain
All but pure; desire, love, pain, hate, confusion and wisdom
A phone line to answers, which we never question
Masquerade hallucinations
With each streak of beauty
My own sunset evil
In the barrel of a loaded gun
Sycophants claw at my shins
It bares me down
But my hand is steadfast and my will fail-safe
Thunder surges through pristine valleys
Ringing true with every thrust of the trident
I feel divine, shiver creeps down my spine
You are mine, puppet puppy profit
Loose lips sink your ships
While I heist your treasures from scattered depths

- Nicholas Hollier


The Daunting Truth

Viewed from afar, I watch as the decrepit building observes and taunts its more accepted brothers. Wedged side by side in crumbling relationships, the polygamy of bricks. With no choice but to live side by side with volumes of dust turned to rock. You would think a single brick would not be lonely, but how would it feel to never be free of your incased cult? Suffocating in the conjoined nature of your timeless escapade.

Late at night, cigarette smoke escaping lips of trembling ambiguity, leaning on the salient ledge which is the line between asylum and anguish. Ardently staring at the vast panorama; the trees are dead to the world in the stillness of this hour, stripped of the rags which once pronounced their beauty, they are now liberated, nude, it is now that no one pays them any mind. A stagnant voice breaches the soft lull that had lung in air, repeating in a Fibonacci prose. Footsteps echoing in its wake. One voice where there should have been two. Two minds where there should have been one. I watched. I listened. I suffered.

I closed the paned glass window; with its smudged fingerprints and age glistening in the artificial light announcing how we painted our lives, devoid of passion and alone. And how we hid from these truths.

Puritanical self-evaluation. Mirrors screech blindly at me. Spitting derisions from all angles, so I shelter in this unsightly shell, lying in the moist sand of time never expecting anything to grow. In this over-exposed delirium that plays on my subconscious,

I feel the how and heavy damp sits, encased in a frown. I wait, with searching stares through doors of lock and key I peek, there’s a new feature on the wall. I ask who would hide such a beautiful scene. The answer will always be me. Sparkling with old intentions reborn, clear-cut desire severed and maimed. Holding the wounded soul tight in my arms, feeling it whimper, watching it break. Tried to bend it into shape, yet currents swept right under my truculent hands. I sit in a bad music background, forever to exploit the treasures of hope.

Obligatory silence is needed when talking to the wind, it whispers and cries, calling out with newborn curiosity, looking for a home. Yet it’s destined to wander, a soul wanders, my mind wanders. Back in hope and freedom, bourgeois in ado, stalking the light from east to west, uncut in motions of trepid teeth. Mind the subdued glares, they talk in freckles and tulips and wait in shadows grave deep. A deaden mime announces a sycophant, vaster in comparison to awkward flesh of aged wine. Kissing at my toes in high fashion, blind adoration for the freedom of detestation empowered by the knowledge of loneness. Now the wind cackles, now the anamorphous jaw of time snaps, holding us all in cautious embrace.

- Nicholas Hollier

reviews (integrity, h2O, ragmen, smashin' off, etc)

Smashin' off/Get rad split

this 7” is short and sweet. Too be honest I only really bought this because of the Smashin' Off recordings (dont have the tape). Both bands play fast hardcore punk, so there ain't a lot of variety plus its over in rather shortly, but its still (as they say) all good. Smashin' off who were well known for their “creative” shirt designs and wild stage antics kick off the split with 'narrow streets' which descends into madness after a spooky bass line. The intensity doesn't let up with the second track 'death rides a horse' which is also lightening fast. The energy kinda reminds me of black flag. Second side (the get rad side) is no pun intended, rad. Seems a bit better recorded and also has a real 80s feel too it. Perhaps the more creative side to the split, with some interesting song dynamics thrown in, ie a strange inclusion of a keyboard/piano. Worth picking up, as its pretty cheap and fun to listen to.. 3/5

- Simon


Rag Men - S/T

This isn’t a new release by any means, but I feel it is one which is often overlooked. A lot of bands in my eyes seem to have trouble when it comes to adding melody whilst still retaining a hard edge to their songs. Ragmen however pull this off perfectly bringing in a tuneful aspect to the vocals you wouldn’t expect from a band of this style which seems to work perfectly. The songs are well structured which isn’t surprising since this band features current and ex members of Skarhead, Merauder and Hatebreed . Generally introspective lyrics are the norm for this album, although the song Tierra features what appears to be about the ruination of earth by man. For the most part this album steers clear of any “tough guy” clich├ęs and even when it does begin to lean that way it doesn’t come across in any way artificial. The only real faults I find with this album is the change of quality in the recording half way through, but that is soon forgiven.
Not bad for a side project to say the least. If you’re a fan of heavy NYHC with a whole lot of groove and haven’t heard this yet, you’re missing out.

- Matt Moore


H2O – Nothing to Prove

H2O were one of the first bands that got me into hardcore stuff, after hearing them on surfing video “The Show.” So they definitely have a special place in my heart. This album plays a lot on the pop punk sensibilities, whilst managing to blend in some of that New York style to their mix, making it quite reminiscent of their first album. If you enjoy guest vocalists get psyched.. There are vocal contributions from legends like Roger Miret, Freddy Madball, Lord Ezec, Civ, Lou Koller and others. Despite the fun sound to the music, a lot of the lyrics seem to be quite serious for a band that sounds so posi. For example, the song 'Sunday' is a vivid account of the birth of Toby's son and the death of his father. For me though, the sincerity that shines through the upbeat music makes this album stand out. The second half of the album is probably stronger than the first. From the straight edge anthem 'Still here' to the spiralling chorus of 'Mitts', the second half of the album delivers H2O at their best yet. However H2O save the best for last with 'What Happened'. I bet the song is a live favourite already. The song is basically an attack on the current state of the hardcore scene with some points that I think are pertinent even in the New Zealand underground. Unfortunately this song includes the voice of the singer from Alkaline Trio, which seems to take away the edge that Lou Koller gives to the song. This album is definitely worth picking up, and was probably one of the better hardcore releases in 2008. 4/5.

- Simon


Boxcutter - The Ill Testament

Featuring Stickman of Fury Of Five and Mad Joe Black of Wisdom in Chains (not to mention ex members of Krutch and Mushmouth) Boxcutter is band you’ll either love or hate. Personally I’m all about this kind of thing so naturally I was excited to give this its first spin. Basically this band is a fusion of hardcore and hip hop, but don’t let that put you off it, the songs that lean towards a more traditional hardcore sound are still hard as nails. I would imagine anyone into their previous material would not be disappointed by this release.  Lyrically and musically its not a whole lot different from Thug Rock or Pitbull Ways and that’s the way I like it.

There are some weak tracks but these are generally the songs where hip hop is the main focus, and the song “Crown Of Righteousness” featuring vocals from James Ismean’s son is one you will soon find yourself skipping over. However when this band gets it right there aren’t many others doing this style of hardcore who can touch them. If you’re into bands like Fury Of Five, Body Count and Mushmouth then this is well worth a listen.

- Matt Moore


Integrity - Walpurgisnacht

Cleveland's finest are back with a jaw dropping two song effort. Despite the letdown of Integ2000 and a move towards a more industrial style in 'Closure', Integrity have returned to their classic Melnick-era sound (perhaps closest to their masterpiece 'Systems Overload'). The music is as brooding as the cover art, featuring Charles Manson as a Lenin-esque demon figure. The 7" kicks of with the title track 'Walpurgisnacht' and immediately the song drops into a frenzy of blistering guitar work, followed by the brutal mid paced assault so typical of Integrity. Dwid's obsession with the occult, mystery and unknown are promiment in this release, howling 'reality conflicts in waves of human darkness' and 'see what is not to be seen, believe what is not to be believed.'This dark feel is echoed by the last 2 minutes or so of the song, which is comprised of a dreamy as well as haunting acoustic outro. The second track 'Mirror in Reverse' follows and is equally strong as the first track. I like how reverby Dwid's vocals sound in this track, as it makes parts of the song more sludgy. I guess if you wanted to be critical, you could say both tracks are a bit samey in structure... but to be honest this criticism overlooks what is essential to Integrity - a classic metal vibe, mixed with early 90s hardcore and a bit of experimental shit. I can't wait to hear a new full length. 4/5

- Simon

Mean Streak Demo

Mean Streak feature members of MOT, RWTP, Problems and The Warpath, and sound like a mixture of Wisdom in chains, Blood for blood and Death threat. The demo itself reflects the obvious fact that they are a new band, and the quality of the music is perhaps malnourished by this fact. For example. the guitar sounds a bit sloppy and the rest of the band aren't amazingly tight either. Even so, it is definitely an enjoyable listen. My favourite track is the last track 'lost hope' which is a hard hitting anthem about the pitfalls of new zealand society and humanity. Dylan's lyrics are honest, hateful and in your face. Not only does he have an ability to spitefully convey social issues, but also tell a great story. 'Growing up' is a great example of this. Whilst i don't think this demo is great and i think a better introduction to Mean Streak would be at a show, it is a good effort at getting something out there.

- Simon

Some words from Adam Ward

date 12 may 2009

words: adam ward

My wife is pregnant, and if all goes to plan I will be a father by the end of November. I am excited, proud and anxious. I am also very aware that my current lifestyle is about to change. Naturally, this includes my level of participation to the music I have spent the last six years making and promoting. I feel very ready to begin this next chapter in my life, but know at this juncture that I owe a lot to the scene and the people involved who have taught me so much and have given me the confidence to take this next challenge.

Music has made these last half dozen years the most exciting and productive I’ve ever had. Like most folk you talk to at shows, I’ve had times where watching or playing an upcoming show is the only glimmer of light that makes the working weeks bearable. I’ve certainly had times where all other aspects of my life have suffered while I find myself in the engrossed in recording, playing and organising shows, or labouring over song writing. But, I also know that there are many more people around this country travelling similar roads to me. People who are burning the candle at both ends to create something of their own to affect change. Many of these people have kept me inspired, and shown me the qualities I wish my own children will grow to have.

It has been an honour to have been surrounded by critical thinkers, courageous enough to put their heads above the crowd to speak and write about their beliefs. I’ve loved nothing more than seeing kids getting on the mic and spill their guts for their cause. Kids who know it takes more than just saying things are wrong, but who will challenge the listeners to think or do something to affect positive change. People that use music, zines, shows and the many other art forms that fit in our scene to take a stand for something, regardless of wether the idea is popular or not. I’ve seen people and bands flourish from being challenged by their peers or from rising to defend something they are genuinely passionate about.

I’ve learn so much from the number of folks who constantly put their reputations, relationships and bank accounts out on a limb to organise bands, recordings, shows and tours purely for the love of it. These are people who aren’t satisfied with living off the merits of others, and will put themselves at risk to give things a go. They aren’t content to sit on their ass and complain when others organise things that don’t meet their exact preferences. The level of professionalism in all areas of local music such as recording, tours has come light years in such a short space of time, and I credit this largely to these people who are constantly out pushing the boundaries to make their music and scene better and to try things for themselves.

Through it all, I’m proud to have made a number of friendships that I’m sure will live longer than my time in the scene. Loyal mates who do what they say they will do. Tell you when things are shit, will disagree if they feel compelled to and aren’t scared to tell you when you are wrong. Friends that aren’t interested in you solely for their own personal gain or what you can give them. Friends who you can lend stuff to, and will wait for a response when they ask how you are. Friends that are inspiring, and challenge you to keep moving forward. There are some I will gladly text to have a beer with, while others who I have in mind for upcoming kayaking missions.

If the upcoming birth of my first child does spell the end for my stint playing in my band, then I bow out more than grateful for what I have been allowed to achieve. It would be my dream that my kids choose to take a similar path when they are ready, at least taking the opportunity I had to walk along with peers who refuse to just be passengers in life. I hope they find the drive to create something to affect change like I see kids doing week in and week out in the scene. If my own children grow to display some of these qualities and principles I am thankful to have witnessed through my time in Every Man For Himself, then I know I will be doing my job as a Dad.

moment of truth interview

date: 2 april 2009

questions: simon

answers: rex

1) How did Moment of Truth form and how long have you guys been around for?
We've known each other for years. We started banging pots & pans together in 2004, but we had no hook ups, couldn't organize shit, and had no money so we split in a bitter kind of way then bumped into each other in early 08 & decided to give it another go, this time adding a bass player so i could just be on the mic this time around.

2) So, you guys just released an EP. Can you tell us a bit about the recording of that? Did you have any goals before going into the studio?
We just wanted to have a decent recording behind us to get us going a bit. We tried recording ourselves on the cheap & we could never really be proud of it - we wanted something to be proud of simple as that.

3) What do you think Moment of Truth brings to the table of hardcore in Aotearoa?
Hmmm, i think we're doing something that does sound different to what any band has done in nz hardcore wise yet. Old school thrash metal style riffs blended with heavy hc groove, lyric wise probably a bit of different stuff going on.

4) Your lyrics in 'For Endless Centuries' seems pretty anti religious. What do you think about religion/religious bands in the hardcore scene?
Each to their own haha! I might point a bit of fun at them for shits and giggles but thats what i like about hardcore - different people with different views coming together for a good time. Religion just is something that has no place in my life.

5) Whats it like being a hardcore band in the Coramandel?
It sucks but its good. Most people on the Coromandel dont know we exist or what hardcore is. I have a hard as fuck time relating to people around here but if they dont like me they can get fucked. But really its such a chill sweet place to live as long as you keep your head up above the bullshit.

6) What are some of your favourite shows that Moment of Truth have played and who are your guy's favourite bands to play with?
I dont know. Theres been a few good ones. I enjoyed playing along side Bricks & Antagonist at the sandbar in Whitianga in summer. Playing smakdown was awesome to do. Im just proud to get a band going from a small town where it seems impossible. Our best shows are yet to be had hopefully. Want to do more with the burial as theyre the only other heavy band in the nzhc scene at the moment. But my favourite band to play with would be the Bludgers, its always so much fun partying with those cunts.

7) You guys have played some sweet covers.. Merauder, 100 Demons, Slayer, Cro Mags, Madball – basically all the good shit haha. Whats your favourite one to play?
Well 100 Demons would probably be the crowd winner so ill go for that. We enjoy busting a cover out in our set, paying a bit of a tribute if you like. Got a few fresh ones in mind. I want to do a balance cover and pay respect to the first nzhc band i ever heard/saw live.

8) What kind of message would you want people to take away from your lyrics?
I just want to keep it as real as it can be, not one fucking word that i cant back up, no fucking fantasy shit. I don't want to save the world, none of these bullshit morals that cant be backed up. In the ep there is a bit of a theme were i kind of have fucked up in life but theres no regrets - it is what it is, its made me who i am,what hasn't killed me has made me stronger.... Im no fucking role model and don't claim to be.

9) Any last words or shout outs?
Thanks to everyone that has helped us big or small. Pick up our ep if you haven't got one yet please and hook us up with saturday night shows please! Friday nights are hard for us but we'll try, cheers Simon.

ricky bobby interview

date: 30 May 2009.

questions: simon.

answers: olly.

1) Okay... so introduce yourself and who's in the rest of the band?
Well I'm Olly and i do vocals in Ricky Bobby. Luke Rockell plays guitar, Mike Hardgrave plays guitar, Fabian on bass and Josh Bain plays drums

2) Give us a quick history of Ricky Bobby and what motivated you guys to start a band?
Well about 10months ago i got a text from Luke asking if i was interested in being part of a band he was putting together, he said he wanted the Palmy scene to liven up again after Cord Willis had broken up, and to put across a message. basically to let loose and rage out. so then we needed three more members, we went on to recruit josh and mike as guitarists, Luke on bass and me on the mic and former member Dion Sikone on drums. We later had a line up change and Dion went to bass, Luke went to gat and Josh to drums, we had to wait three months before we had our first practice as Mike was away in America. but wasn't long after we got started that we started getting shows. mostly flat shows and early fish house shows with just locals. Earlier this year Dion left the band and we got our good friend Fabian to play bass for us, since then we have been writing constantly and playing shows most weekends. So here we are 7months after our first practice with a 2track demo, 7track ep and many a show under our belts.

3) What are your guy's influences?
Well what we have been written lately has been influenced heavily by Terror and American Nightmare musically. Lyrically i cant really put down to a band, but more on my views of social issues and personal feelings towards life.

4) Choice. What kind of social issues come up in your lyrics?
The recent two track we have released has been on how materialistic i see our society as hypocrisy, clinging to material items and luxuries while being blinded to what effect we have on the world and how little others have and how much they suffer. Im trying to use my anger to educate peoples lifestyles in positive ways or at least break down the ignorance we all have to get people thinking.

5) How did shows at the fish house start?
Well we always had shows at the stomach or the old DTR buildings run by Craig Black and Cord Willis crew when we (Luke and I) where younger and there was a lot of negativity surrounding them from beef we had with Nazi skins and street kids, so slowly shows stopped happening. Luke decided one day he wanted Cord Willis to play in his garage for his 16th(think it was 16th) birthday with a few mates (10 or so?). was a real good vibe and great times, all kinda evolved form there as we started getting more friends in the music scene and out of town bands/international bands caught onto our relaxed/have fun at all costs attitude and all kinda grew to what it is today, and its still getting bigger every show.

6) For those who don't know, how would you describe the hardcore scene in Palmerston north?
Well compared to certain other scenes where everyones too cool to vibe or turn up (unless its a big hype band - and even then seldomly it happens) we're all about having fun, no one gives a shit what you look like or how you live your life as long as your there to have fun its all good. One of the few places find that everyone is accepted by everyone and everyone knows each others names, as opposed to other scenes. We think its cool if you dance, or sing along regardless if your new
or seasoned or know the band. Its not cool to think your too cool to have fun or show appreciation, i think thats what sets us apart.

7) How was playing Hamtown Smakdown?
Amazing, we were expecting to be playing to an empty room but where blown away by the amount of people who stayed inside to see us, must have been raining outside haha.

8) Whats coming up for you Ricky Bobby over the next few months or year?
Well we have a few new tracks down so hoping on making a full length cd by the end of the year, we will see how that goes. But show wise we have a few lined up and are heading to Christchurch on the 10th of July, next stop Aussie... Fingers crossed.

9) Any last words?
Give blood ; save a life. hahaha

antagonist a.d. interview

date: 27 May 2009.

questions: simon.

answers: sam sam.

1) Your last show at Ellen Melville hall was killer! How is it to be back in New Zealand and playing shows?
It's awesome being back in New Zealand. I got pretty badly homesick at some parts of the last tour, so it was so good to see my girlfriend & family again, not to mention to hang out with all my friends. That EMH show blew me away, it was a rainy shitty night & I didn't really think anyone would come out.. It was sweet.

2) Antagonist AD have without a doubt had the most 'mainstream' success and exposure out of any NZHC act since Balance. Would you want to attribute this mainstream exposure and success to anything in particular?
I'd say the only reason we got any type of exposure or I guess acknowledgment was just because we played all the time, in as much places as possible. I was meant to be studying but I hated it & loved playing shows so I just started booking as much as I could for us really haha. People just started noticing our name everywhere & got interested. Once Bubba (1157) put out our CD he got a lot of press for us.. That reached a lot of people outside of the HXC scene, so that was awesome, most of those kids still come to our shows & just hxc shows in general so that's amazing.

3) How was your tour of South East Asia and Australia? Have you observed much of difference between the New Zealand hardcore scene and these scenes overseas?
Hardcore is a crazy thing, because the general 'scene' is pretty much the same everywhere you go - which is rad. Everyone is so accommodating, sure there are lots of challenging personalities everywhere, but you get to meet some amazing genuine people. Australia is pretty big, they're a lot of kids that go to shows there, but it seems to be dying recently - I guess due to over-saturation. They are getting so many touring bands I think people are just starting to not care. South East Asia reminded me a lot of NZ wherever we went, the shows were quite small & intimate but it was made up by enthusiasm & a lot of heart. Super D.I.Y over there as well, everything was like it was still in the mid 90s, so many ZINES & DISTROS!! You just don't really see that anymore, & a lot of the bands had this mid-tempo 90s thing going on, which was rad. The only exception was Singapore which was quite trendy & clinging to USA a lot more.. Don't get me wrong Singapore was awesome, that was just a thing I noticed there.

4) What triggered your interest in hardcore? What were some of your favourite local bands growing up?
Well, when I was about 12 my sister used to come home with local CDs for me, it was stuff like SHINKASTA, GHIDRAH & 'All we have is difference' classic hamilton releases! I loved that shit - I didn't really understand or grasp it too well, but I loved that energy & passion that it had, it was nothing like anything I had previously heard.. I was obsessed with GHIDRAH for ages so definitely them.. I got big on BALANCE, loved SOMMERSET & KITSCH... DAYONE (less than perfect) was one of the first CDs I actually bought myself.. Seeing MISLED BY LIES made me want to sing in a band.. But seriously so many local bands ruled, I'd say all the ones I've mentioned so far have had the most profound affect on me..

5) Congratulations on getting the support slots for Earth Crisis. To me it seems like Antagonist AD and Earth Crisis share a common world view and ethic that shapes lyrical direction. Does the band take much influence from Earth Crisis and karl's lyrics?
Personally, Earth Crisis had a huge effect on me when I was younger and thinking about going Vegan. They were one of the bands that just helped reaffirm my beliefs & be proud about my potential decision, reinforcing my strength & discipline to pursue veganism. I think Earth Crisis has had a similar affect on the rest of the band in same way, I could be wrong here, but I think EC was one of the first hxc bands Boozey heard through some sampler, essentially getting him into HXC. I honestly can't believe we get to share the stage with such an influential & respected band, it's just insane.

6) From time to time I (sadly) hear some people make passing comments about how Antagonist AD have strayed from their roots and become 'rock stars.' Is there anything you would like to say to these people?
Haha, Yeah totally, haven't you heard the newer stuff with the poppy chorus's and the clean vocals?? Seriously, the few people that we've ever heard (down the grapevine, no one has ever made a comment to our faces) saying stuff like that were either trend jumping dudes who used to be friends or were just people into our band who have since 'progressed' onto 'better' things or new jacks who just have no idea about how much work we've put into this over the years, or even how much stuff we've done here in general. We haven't done a single thing different from when we started, the only thing we've done is tour overseas, we are all broke, sleep on floors when we are away, don't really get paid for shows, always looked out for other bands before our own, everything we have done overseas is DIY through us talking to people & making friends, mostly tour kinda sucks haha, we have sketchy overnight drives, don't get much sleep, don't have much time/option or money for food, the only thing that rules about it is hanging out with friends and playing music, not sure where anything rockstar comes into that?? I'd like to invite anyone who's ever said anything of the like to come say it to one of our faces & tell us why, because I'd really really like to know how they came to that decision. And....when those same people are asking for their fave big overseas band to be brought over to NZ are they gonna hate on them for touring and probably actually making some money... therefore if you stick to their distorted rationing - being "rockstars" as well?

7) You guys are on 1157, which not only hosts some of the biggest names in New Zealand music like Cobra Khan, but also has hosted some of the greatest hardcore bands New Zealand has seen... Balance, DSM, and State of Grace come to mind. What is it like seeing your name crop up to band names like those previously listed?
Haha, the only reason I wanted to be on that label was to be on the same roster as all those classic bands that I grew up listening too. I still can't believe that we get to share it with those bands! It's a total privilege.

9) It seems like Antagonist AD have a pretty hectic schedule these days. What kind of non-musical aspirations do you have at the moment?
Man, the band is my life. We don't have a manager or anything like that, I still book everything for us so it just consumes all my time. When I'm not doing that I just try to fill every second of my time either hanging out with my girlfriend, family & friends!! I did a design course in 2007 so I try to play around with that and keep up to date, but yeah, at the moment the band is my focus.. I'm trying to tackle Muay Thai at the moment with a bunch of mates, trying to train most days so that's keeping me sane & tired outside of the band.. People laugh at me when I say this, but I have a couple of ambitions haha, first being to have a couple of amateur Kickboxing fights, & the second is to play league for the warriors. haha...

10) It seems like the lyrics you write for Antagonist AD aren't just shaped by people/ideas within the hardcore scene/community, but also by social critics and thinkers outside of the scene. Would you like to share about that?
All the lyrics I write just come from everything I experience, they mean nothing if they aren't relevant to you. I think that's one of the biggest & most ironic points in hardcore - bands recycling lyrics or saying something because they think it's cool, not because they have experienced it & believe it whole heartily.

11) Will there ever be another Auto Hate show?
haha...not sure, bummed I missed them at that other smakdown... heard they're playing at the transformers 2 movie premiere??!!

12) Any final words or shout outs?
Thanks a lot for taking the time to write out these questions & send them to me etc & huge props for taking even more time to put together an entire zine!!