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Dwid Hellion (Integrity, Psywarfare, Irons, etc) interview with Stas!

This interview was made possible by Stas at Incarnate Records in Russia!

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Thank you very much Stas =)

(S – Stas, D – Dwid Hellion)
S: Hello Dwid, first of all can you tell to our readers about yourself few words, for those who maybe don’t know about you and band integrity.

D: I have a deep fascination with the occult and an obsession with the mechanics of existance. My band Integrity reflects these interests and many other subjects of the arcane. Integrity began in 1988 and has been a consistent force of terrorism within the underground music scene. Our musical styles vary within the genres of hardcore, metal, black metal, japcore, punk, experimental, neo folk, noise, among others.
Many of our Integrity albums may be downloaded for free at
Integrity and myself encourage you to download our music for free with our compliments, rather than to support the corrupt record labels that have raped our music for years.

S: I know that music is not your only hobby, I see some of your painting works, please tell do you have some art education or you have some practice by you own. And maybe you can tell about your favorite painter or style of this art?

D: I have many interests. Art is a passion of mine. I have designed most of the tshirts for integrity and my other bands and friends bands. I have also designed many album covers for different bands. As for a favorite, that would be difficult. I especially admire the work of Sakevi Yokoyama (S.:.K.:.V), Francis Bacon, Felicien Rops, Al Columbia, Marcel Duchamp, Boyd Rice, Stephen Kasner, and Charles Manson.

S: When we have some conversations you said that Russian area is interesting for you, what in fact do you like, maybe some historical aspects or culture fictions?

D: Many aspects of Russian culture fascinate me. I particularly like your fairy tales / folk stories. Particularly, Baba Yaga, Vasilisa, Koschei the Deathless. I am also an enthusiast for film and I find the older Russian cinematic style to be quite beautiful for me. Lately I have watched and enjoyed the films, 'VEY' and also 'IVAN THE TERRIBLE: BACK TO THE FUTURE'

S: When I get last integrity’s 7” I was interesting in cover on this vinyl. Maybe I am wrong but I thought that there some influence of USSR mode in it. Can you describe this topic?

D: The artwork I created for the VValpurgisnacht 7" was based on a propaganda poster I have depicting Leon Trotsky as a demon. I recreated this artwork to feature American Folk Hero, Charles Manson. I am quite pleased with the end result of the artwork.

S: Few time ago I was interesting in some religion aspects, read books and columns. And in fact and basically don’t think that this way is good for life, maybe this books and ideas is a weapon in hands of politicians or brainwashing I don’t know exactly (maybe some religion exercises are good psychological and historical facts). Please tell your opinion and thoughts about religion theme, what is for you meaning of these word and religious beliefs.

D: Yes, Religion has always been used as a weapon against people and a means to rewrite history to benefit the corrupt. The inquisition and the Crusades showed the world what Christianity is really about and how bloodthirsty for power they truly are. It is my opinion that people should think as individuals that are all connected to a stream of consciousness that we can all tap into.

S: Do you belief in God, and what it means for you?

D: The term God as one sole creator is not something I find much truth in. But I believe in a universal existence, where we are all able to utilize a greater potential with our minds than the Church and world Governments have wanted us to discover about ourselves. We have had our history stolen from us by the corrupt Christians and they will one day be punished for their crimes against humankind.

S: Maybe you interesting in occult and supernatural? Many people think that it is fictions and insane sides of life. If you interesting in these themes can say where you get some information and knowledge of this.

D: To be a student of the occult is not an easy path. The term "occult" means "secret knowledge". There are many unexplainable aspects to humankind and the history of this world and the universe itself. I am interested in obtaining some clarity on the mechanics of existence.

S: About knowledge. I want to ask you about literature and cinema. Do you like this art, what kind of books and films d you like? And if you want please, give advise to our readers what is good for reading and watching in your opinion

D: I really love old, grainy, black and white film. The worse the condition of the actual film stock, the better it looks to me. I think people who are interested in film and in art should use their hearts and minds to discover which styles most appeal to them as an individual. If someone is interested in seeing the short films that I have created, I do have a youtube account:

S: Tell something about humankind, bad and good sides, what is the great achievements and mistakes in your opinion.

D: Humankind is a diseased animal.

S: I understand that you live in Europe now? If it true please describe your decision to live in other country.

D: Yes, I moved to Belgium 6 years ago. I find the United States to be a disagreeable place to live. And the United States government and the corporation that control them are guilty of unimaginable crimes against the citizens of the world.

S: Please tell whether such person, or event that influenced your world outlook. Can you describe them.

D: I am most influenced by myself and my own interests. However, I have many creative people that I admire and they have had a great impact on me throughout my life in many different ways.

S: And Finally what do you want to say to this person how read now our conversation?

D: Thank you Stas for your interview. If your readers are interested in hearing my music they can visit or they can go to and download many of our albums for free. Love is the only weapon.

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